your critical web systems

With tailored-to-you cloud-infrastructure solutions, process improvement planning, and project management from Castlerock Consulting Services.

Your complex data systems
are at risk.

Especially if your web-based applications are mission-critical,
outdated, or contain sensitive data.

Your organization’s reputation and long-term success depend on its ability to streamline systems, protect data assets, and stay ahead of the curve—and out of harm’s way.

We understand that your web-based applications are mission-critical. And we also know that with ever-evolving technology, these systems can become outdated or vulnerable to security breaches at any time.

Let your technology team focus on writing software and leave the rest of the tough stuff – cloud operations and security – to us.

We invite you to partner with the experts at Castlerock to help you store, secure, and optimize your data and web systems in the cloud.


Business story

Dan and his team specialize in solving cloud operations challenges,
and in turn, making their clients’ day-to-day work and lives better. Here’s Dan’s story.

Perhaps founding his own company is in Dan Goldberg’s DNA. He’s a third-generation entrepreneur, and you likely have heard of his role models (his grandparents), or at least their legacy brand Nalgene.

Dan first noticed his love of solving problems for people when he got his start working at an IT help desk in the 1990s. It was there where he realized that he not only loved fixing the “tech problem,” but he also loved helping his colleagues feel calmer and supported. He took to heart the trust they placed in him. Since that time, he has navigated through various technology department positions – from network admin, engineer, and manager to security architect to cloud management at small-, medium-, and large-sized companies. Then, in 2015, with a solid understanding of what he truly loves to do, Dan opened Castlerock – a cloud operations and security firm that helps clients effectively store, secure, and optimize their data and web systems in the cloud.

Today, Dan and his team specialize in solving cloud operations challenges, and in turn, making their clients’ day-to-day work and lives better. In fact, Dan intentionally seeks out team members who share his deep commitment to and expertise in tackling the tough stuff. Each Castlerock team member prides themselves on bringing humanity to the cold world of information technology. They lead with their core values of ​​empathy, partnership, expertise, and humanity when working with clients, understanding that making and executing decisions about cloud operations and security isn’t comfortable – and can even be scary – to most engineers. The team gets to know each client’s unique needs and then helps them through a customized decision-making and implementation process, whether that is building new systems or databases, modernizing old technology, safeguarding systems or data, or recovering from a security breach.

In today’s technology-ubiquitous world that evolves by the day, a trusted partnership like the one Castlerock offers is a necessity. At the end of the day, the Castlerock team wants their clients – and their technology – to be safe, secure, and sustainable.


We provide a people-first approach to building and managing web systems.

You’ll find that our team provides a combination of technical expertise, sound advice, engineering skills, and holistic consulting. We’re committed to partnering with our clients to find the best solutions, develop the right systems, manage efficient processes, and improve communications.

your performance

A bespoke tech stack enhances your resources and productivity— especially for small teams.

your cost

Maximize your limited budget with repeatable infrastructure and lean, scalable systems.

your data

Feel confident in your infrastructure’s ability to withstand hack attempts, security breaches, and critical failures

where it counts

When your infrastructure is lean, clean, and serene, you and your team can build a better future— without looking back.

Your systems can boost
your business
or slow your

Conquer tech debt, automate tedious tasks, and organize every aspect of your information systems with Castlerock

Whether you’re looking to improve your existing systems, migrate to modern infrastructure, or realign your project teams around an organizational goal, Castlerock can help. We’ll partner with your organization to find the best solutions, develop the right systems, manage the process, and improve communications at every level.

Choose your path to seamless
systems and smarter integrations

And benefit from our project management expertise, team
coordination and communication assistance, and the DevOps
culture we cultivate in every client organization.

  • Development. Cloud-native solutions and data center systems architecture
  • Support. Cloud-hosted services support— including Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Streamlining. Information systems automation
  • Transformation. Legacy systems maintenance and migration
  • Resource optimization. Infrastructure cost management

We’ll bring your systems into the 21st century by upgrading:

  • Outdated databases and infrastructure
  • Obsolute software and botched integrations
  • Ineffective automations
  • Old operating systems

Our web security consulting package uncovers the biggest risks to your website or application and helps you actively manage those risks with tailored resiliency solutions. For organizations that have already suffered a hack or breach, our back-on-track service helps you get back to business as usual—but better.

Real-life, real-time results.

Our clients make it easy to love what we do.

“I’m just amazed how fast this project has moved since you guys took over!”

John T.
Engineering Director

“Todd’s great to work with. He’s always very responsive, incredibly knowledgeable, and goes out of his way to help.”

Will S.
Project Manager

“Dan actively tries to make the team around him better rather than just doing the tasks assigned to him.”

Joe R.
VP Engineering


Our heads are definitely
in the cloud.

We’re more than a group of consultants. Think of us as an extension of your team committed to delivering time-sensitive and sustainable solutions in the cloud. At the end of the day, we want you – and your technology – to be safe and secure.

We lead with our values – empathy, partnership, expertise, and humanity – allowing us to help our clients rise to every challenge and every possibility

Simply put, we love what we do and have dedicated our careers to serving and protecting the technology driving today’s successful businesses.

Co-Founder and Principal Consultant

Dan Goldberg

Co-Founder and Vice President of Finance

Malena Laylin

Cloud Consultant

Riley Lamey

Cloud Consultant

Todd Gerdy

Steven Harrison

Cloud Consultant

Steven Harrison

3 Steps to a Stronger,
Safer Infrastructure

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